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This is a listing of the equipment that we can provide. By having PSI provide the equipment, your site saves hundreds of thousands of dollars in purchases.

We maintain all equipment as recommended by TG-40, AAPM  and ACR guidelines.

CMS Xio Treatment Planning System (2)

Varian VariSeed Brachytherapy Planning System (2)

Sun Nuclear MapCheck device for IMRT QA

Scanditronix RFA200 Water Scanning System

Med-Tec TG-51 Water Phantom

Assorted Polystyrene Phantoms

Vidar Film Scanner


Capintec Dosimetry System

Keithley 614 modified Electrometer


Radiation Detectors:

PTW N23333 Farmer Chamber (0.6 cc)

Capintec PR06 Farmer Chamber (0.6 cc) (2)

PTW Type 31003 Farmer Chamber (0.3 cc)

Parallel Plate Ionization Chamber

PR-05P Mini-Ionization Chambers (2)
Scanning Mini-Ionization Chambers (4)

Scanning Diode Detectors 

2 - photon, 2-electron, 1-stereotactic, 1-reference 

Victoreen 450P Survey Meter

Ludlum 3 GM Meters (3)

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