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Although not all programs prefer to pre-plan their implants, pre-planning can be an important aid to a start-up brachytherapy program. It provides the Oncologist and Urologist with a pre-conceived plan for needle insertion, saving time and money in the O.R.

Live planning is accomplished by the use of a fast, portable planning system capable of receiving the Ultrasound images and rapidly optimizing a treatment plan.

Some programs obtain excellent results using the Mick applicator and Live Planning based on the prostate shape on the day of the implant. The seeds are implanted one at a time using the experience of the urologist, oncologist and physicist.

Key Benefits

  • Involved in over 1500 implants.
  • Experience with pre-loaded, Mick and Variseed systems.


PSI has purchased the newest Varian Variseed planning system for treatment planning of prostate seed implants. This software allows us to provide the full spectrum of planning: from pre-planning, to live O.R. planning,  to post-op CT planning.

We are now able to provide the Prostate Seed Implant planning services to all Hospitals and clinics, regardless of location, since the planning data may be transferred via DICOM or other electronic media.



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