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We are able to provide medical physics coverage for all aspects of external beam radiotherapy. We provide calibration and acceptance services for all types of linear accelerators and treatment planning systems.

Key Benefits

  • Experienced, ABR certified personnel.

  • We own all the necessary equipment to provide calibration services and acceptance testing of new accelerators (water scanners, ionization chambers, etc.). Therefore there is no additional cost of equipment for you.

  • Conform to all current recommendations of practice (TG-51, TG-40, ACR).

Here is a partial listing of the types of equipment we work with:

Linear Accelerators:

  • Varian Clinac 2300CD (MLC, Dynamic Wedge, 2 Photon energies & 5 electron energies)

  • Varian Clinac 2000 (2 photon energies & 5 electron energies)

  • Varian Clinac 1800 (2 photon energies & 5 electron energies)

  • Varian Clinac 600 (Single photon energy)

  • Seimens MXE (Single photon, 5 electrons)

  • Philips SL-25 (MLC, Record & Verify, 2 Photon Energies & 6 Electron Energies)

Treatment Planning Systems:

  • CMS Xio

  • CMS Focus

  • Render 3D

  • Nucletron Plato (HDR)

  • ROCS


  • CMS FocalSim Virtual Simulator

  • Varian Ximatron

  • Toshiba

  • Cascade


Physics Services Incorporated

733 Delaware Road

Suite 182

Buffalo , New York 14223


Voice: (716) 204-8980


Fax 1:  (866) 613-6673

Fax 2:  (716) 204-8983



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